"MINKED-IN" - Mink (North American)

May 22, 2023  •  1 Comment


Mink (North American) - 5 Photos


LinkedIn is marketed as the "world's largest professional network on the internet". One can utilize it to locate the right job, for example.


So what is "MinkedIn"? How about using it to locate the right mink! :) :)


And this little mink is a definite candidate. I believe from its body & head sizes, it's female. Although minks are not a very big mustelid, the male mink is much larger than its female counterpart. Having seen two different males last year, it was quite shocking to see the size difference between the sexes. Male minks are much bulkier & have a "devil may care" attitude, probably due to the fact that the only interaction they have with females is during mating & there is no worry about little minks to provide for at the den.


So here is one adorable mink, cute as its button nose but of course, looks can be deceiving. :)









Marvellous photos!
I love how relaxed she looks warming up on the log. She really is a little sweetie, especially facing the camera.
The profile is a different matter, very predatory :)
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