"ALBERTA'S BLUE SKIES" - Bald Eagle (Mature)

December 06, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
"ALBERTA'S BLUE SKIES" Bald Eagles (Mature) - 10 Photos Alberta, CA certainly has its share of extremely blue skies. One reason behind their vibrancy could be is that higher altitudes have less atmosphere to scatter light hence it appears lighter & brighter. The following photos of two different Bald Eagles were taken on two different days. The...
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"FIGHT NIGHT (OR DAY)" - White Tailed Deer

December 05, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
"FIGHT NIGHT (OR DAY)" White Tailed Deer (Bucks) - 11 Photos It's not often you get front row tickets to one of Nature's Fight Nights/Days. These two male deer were almost evenly matched with regard to their racks but in the end, perhaps bulk and endurance won over antlers. The match was the most serious I have ever witnessed lasting almost 20...
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"ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES @ YYC" - Swans (Trumpeter & Tundra)

November 29, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
"ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES @ YYC" Swans (Trumpeter & Tundra) - Mature & Immature - 7 Photos The swan migration south must now be in its final stages. It will be a matter of time to see how many swans actually stay in the Calgary, AB region over the Winter. I personally believe those that overwinter have a definite advantage over those that migrate fur...
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"LOVE IS IN THE AIR" - Porcupine (North American)

November 28, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
"LOVE IS IN THE AIR" Porcupine (North American) - 5 Photos I have been seeing this porcupine over the past three years and have managed to capture him in various trees and when extremely fortunate, on the ground. It is definitely a male and a large one at that. There is a female porcupine who resides in a neighbouring wood. Two years ago, sh...
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"AGING" - Bald Eagle

November 22, 2022  •  1 Comment
"AGING" Bald Eagle - 5 Photos American Bald Eagles generally do not achieve their full white head feathers, etc. and maturity until 5 years of age. This particular eagle appears to be a year or so shy of attaining that status. However, the remaining immature head feathers make for some striking and interesting looks. For example, although it do...
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