"VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE" - Beaver (North American)

June 08, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
"VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE" Beaver (North American) - 7 Photos They may be rodents but life is never boring. It can involve family, eating and food gathering to name just a few pastimes (and work times). Have added captions to the photos below as they seemed to cry out for some comments.:) With regard to Photo #6, I reached out to Dr. Emi...
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"FLYING PRISMS" - White-Faced Ibis

June 04, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
"FLYING PRISMS" White-Faced Ibis - 6 Photos As the term "Flying Rainbow" bird has already been taken, (it refers to the Rainbow Lorikeet), I thought perhaps "Flying Prism" bird might be an apt description for the White-Faced Ibis. It may look entirely black from certain perspectives, but looks can be deceiving. And although it is continually pu...
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"MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR" - Muskrat

June 01, 2023  •  1 Comment
"MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR" Muskrat - 11 Photos The following two sets of photos were taken over 2 days in a period of approximately one week. And in reverse order, let's start with the "war" part. A smaller muskrat entered a small cove in the pond where a large muskrat was eating. It was greeted with what I believe was aggression and chased into the...
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"THE NEXT GENERATION" - Great Horned Owlet

May 30, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
"THE NEXT GENERATION" Great Horned Owlet - 5 Photos Another successful fledging by a Great Horned Owlet. Let's hope it's one giant leap for a long & productive life for this little Great Horned Owl. Wildlife has a steep learning curve. The length of time spent with parent(s) differs between species but when all is said and done, the survival of...
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"LITTLE RED" - Squirrel (Red)

May 28, 2023  •  1 Comment
"LITTLE RED" Red Squirrel - 6 Photos This "Little Red" is not the "Riding Hood" kind. It's Alberta's native Red Squirrel. It had appeared in the same area of woods the day before when the weather was wet and damp. And then the next day when sunshine & warmer temperatures re-emerged, so did the squirrel. "Little Red" hung out perusing the log...
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