"SOMETHING IN THE WATER" - Black-Crowned Night Heron

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"SOMETHING IN THE WATER" Black-Crowned Night Heron - 9 Photos When I first approached this pond from the side directly opposite the Black-Crowned Night Heron and saw it head on, I thought the heron was standing on a flat stone (not unusual) in the water. Once I managed to walk around the pond and made it through the shrubbery, I realized the he...
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"IT'S ALL IN THE GENES" - Mink (North American)

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"IT'S ALL IN THE GENES" Mink (North American) - 7 Photos Well the mink that appeared in the August 4, 2022 blog, "No Two Minks Are Alike", returned to the creek later in the week and this time, to fish. And my goodness, fish he did. He caught three fish in a little over an hour. All devoured in situ but under cover. I managed to capture the firs...
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"NO TWO MINKS ARE ALIKE" - Mink (North American)

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"NO TWO MINKS ARE ALIKE" Mink (North American) - 6 Photos It has been some time since I have seen a mink at this location. The female that was there last year and had had three offspring, has not since re-appeared. She may have moved dens or unfortunately has "moved on".:( So there I was taking in some shade on a very hot day, when all of a sud...
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"SPLASH WATER PARK" Moose - 6 Photos The following photos demonstrate that all 3 to 4 year old's, no matter what the species, enjoy a splash water park on a very hot summer day!:) This stunning bull moose was grazing on the bountiful tall willows in a marsh area. After approximately one hour, he suddenly changed direction went from a walk to a...
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July 28, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
"REMEMBER TO BREATHE" Grizzly Bear - 9 Photos Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada NOTE: THE PHOTOS THAT FOLLOW WERE TAKEN FROM A SAFE DISTANCE & LOCATION Using the line from that "Travel Alberta" advertisement, "Remember to Breathe" goes for both the photographer & the Grizzly Bear in this instance. On a different day (you can tell from the sunshi...
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