"COLOUR MY WORLD" - White-Faced Ibis

May 24, 2023  •  1 Comment


White-Faced Ibis - 5 Photos


I have a fanciful theory that most birds were given the opportunity to choose two out of the three following gifts from Nature:

1. Flight

2. Beauty

3. Song


For example, the little House Wren can fly and flit about. Although very plain, its song is lyrical. The Bald Eagle has magnificent looks and incredible flight abilities but song or voice - not so much. Of course, then there is the Emperor Penguin. I suppose if you substituted swimming ability for flight, you still end up with two out of three, the second being beauty.


And now we come to the White-faced Ibis. It definitely has great flight and the ability to hop small distances. It definitely didn't choose "voice" as its vocalisation is like a witch's cackle. And seeing this bird from afar or in flight, it can look somewhat like a black vulture. But then here comes the magic - iridescence. In sunlight, the true beauty of the ibis appears, in vibrant greens and maroons. 


And add to that mix, a very generous White-faced Ibis who chose a bed of last year's rushes to hunt for food, making the contrast so complete.









Oh, wow, magnificent bird in flight photos!I
You've captured those amazing colours beautifully.
I was commiserating with the ibis for being alone.
And today I saw two of them flying in a distance. I'm so happy for them. Babies perhaps :)
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