"WHO'S HOO?" - Great Horned Owls

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Great Horned Owls - Adult Male & Owlet (7 Photos)



Happy Father's Day to this male Great Horned Owl! :)


Because of the nurturing aspect of the female owl with her offspring, particularly after those first few weeks after hatching, we generally see photos of Mum and Owlet together.


However, the male owl has a huge responsibility to his family, hunting and protecting. That doesn't include that period when the female is sitting on egg(s) and cannot leave the nest. Then it is solely the male owl who hunts for both of them and keeps predators away.


This little owlet is growing quickly and its downy feathers now being replaced by adult ones. On the day these photos were taken, it was Dad who was owlet sitting, in close proximity to the owlet, probably giving Mum some time to relax. 


He was never far and flew in several times to be close to his offspring (Photo #1). As the afternoon progressed into early evening he took a new perch across the creek, still within sight range of his family but away from prying eyes. (Except, of course, for those tattletale robins!). (Photo #2 through to Photo #4).


And a Father's Day would not be complete without photos of an adorable & adoring little owlet (Photo# 5 through to Photo #7)











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