"SPRING HAS SPRUNG" - Weasel (Long-Tailed) & Northern Flicker

March 27, 2023  •  1 Comment


Weasel (Long-Tailed) & Northern Flicker - 5 Photos


Spring has sprung, the weasel has "riz". I wonder where the birds is!


Unfortunately, I didn't manage to capture the pair of Northern Flickers on the tree where they were checking out potential nesting cavities. Needless to say, they were extremely agitated and flew off the tree as soon as they saw the weasel climbing up. But I did capture them later on in the nearby woods, performing their courtship ritual (male at top, female at bottom), which was so endearing (Photos #3, 4 & 5).


The chickadees had quickly joined in to the bird alarms. Then after a quick inspection of the tree hole (no nothing yet), the weasel descended the tree (Photo #1 & Photo #2) and onto more "grounding" matters.


It may seem cruel to some, but Nature just "is". Without predators, even small ones like this weasel, prey species would overrun the environment, damaging & disrupting Nature's delicate balance. And unlike predators whose successful hunts are at best 1 in 4 or even less, prey species such as herbivores (or even small birds) generally have a constant source of food without as much effort.


If this pair of Northern Flickers are aware of their surroundings & have the potential to be great parents, they will most likely choose a better venue to lay their eggs and raise their offspring. :)









Great shots of both weasel and flickers! The weasel is already checking out potential nesting places...
You were right, the dirt on the face makes her (I think we agreed it is a female) look quite a fearless hunter :)
Flickers look fantastic too with their heart shaped patterns on the feathers!
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