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Coyote - 4 Photos


In some legends of Indigenous peoples, "Old Man Coyote" created people, animals, plants and the earth.


Upon close examination of the photos below, you can see that this healthy coyote's teeth are yellowish & relatively well worn which leads me to believe that this is an older canid, probably male from its size. Hence, the name, in this instance, of "Old Man Coyote".


Spotted him, merrily making his way down a snowy path at that easy coyote trot , heading directly in my direction. I tried to remain out of sight but unfortunately, with that sharp coyote eyesight to no avail. It was a quick stage right, down a small bank then along a frozen pond, where ever so often a head and a partial body appeared above the top of the bank, as he loped along.


I caught sight of him as he made his way across the pond, checked out the local beaver lodge and then up the bank where he joined the path again and then off he ran. And trust me, at a coyote's leisurely trot, there is no hope of keeping pace (or even getting closer) to bridge that distance.  And you can add "avoidance" to the coyote's repertoire. 


No matter - I managed a few camera shots of this exquisite canid and hopefully, he was off on a successful hunt and to return to his den, where perhaps he and his mate are planning on new arrivals this spring. :)







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