"AND THEN THERE WERE FOUR" - Mink (North American)

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"And Then There Were Four"

Mink (North American) - 7 Photos


I hadn't managed to catch the mink (Little Girl or LG for short) for some weeks now. The last times I had caught sight of her, she was catching fish and carrying her catch quickly off downstream.


And then came Sunday! First LG appeared. She is distinctive by her narrow female but long face/nose. I got some shots off as she came through the boulder and then she was gone. I waited for about 15 minutes but no more LG.


And then upstream, appeared not one, not two but three smaller mink. One after another and seemingly from nowhere. I assume now they had come up with their mother not through the creek bed but through the grassy banks that run alongside. It was similar to a video game where the animated creatures pop up out of the blue.


Where and which mink to shoot???


So here they are. From what I can determine from the photos, there is one male, one female (the smallest who looks just like her mother) and one other, gender unknown. LG's mum would be so proud. This is probably her first litter and to raise three healthy minks to a stage where they can go it alone, is truly an accomplishment.


And their story has another chapter to come! :) 


PHOTO #1 - "LG (Mum)"

Mink (North American)Mink (North American)"INDIANA JONES MINK"
(Female - Adult) - Little Girl or LG (Mum)

PHOTO #2 - "LG (Mum)"

Mink (North American)Mink (North American)"SLIDE OUT"
(Female - Adult) - LG or Little Girl (Mum)

PHOTO #3 - "Little Mink No. 1 (Gender Unknown)"

Mink (North American)Mink (North American)"A GIANT LEAP FOR MINK KIND"
(Male -Juvenile) - Sparky

PHOTO #4 - "Little Mink No. 1 (Gender Unknown)"

Mink (North American)Mink (North American)"CONFIDENT)
(Male - Juvenile) - Sparky

PHOTO #5 - "Little Mink No. 2 (Male? - from large ears and broad face)"

Mink (North American)Mink (North American)"CURIOUS GEORGE"

PHOTO #6 - "Little Mink No. 3 - (Mini LG)"

Mink (North American)Mink (North American)"WELL HELLO THERE"
(Female - Juvenile) - Minnie Me

PHOTO #7 - Little Mink No. 3 (Mini LG - You can really see the resemblance here)"

Mink (North American)Mink (North American)"PEEK A BOO"
(Female - Juvenile) - Minnie Me




John harper(non-registered)
Your perseverance is paying off. Wonderful series and great photos!
What a beautiful series!
Quite a mastery to capture all the beautiful details, I know how quick moving they are. Wonderful closeups too!
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