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Muskrat - 11 Photos


So here is our little muskrat again, quickly becoming my second favourite rodent (the beaver & porcupine being tied for first place). :)


This time, captured our semi-aquatic mammal on a V-shaped branch caught up in the ice, making its foray back and forth, with shoots & water plants to nibble on. Mild winter times must be halcyon days for muskrats. Food is aplenty in fresh running water, with ice shelves and debris such as this branch to relax on. And with predators such as herons, etc. enjoying their time down south in warmer climates, muskrats can bask in sunshine a little more out in the open without so much anxiety of becoming someone's next meal.


For such a small brown mammal, there is such great character in expression of its face, hands & feet. So I couldn't resist providing the following photos with their own captions (but not necessarily serious ones).


Hopefully, I am not the only one out there who has changed their mindset from "ooh, rodent :("  to "ooh, cute furry mammal :)"!



PHOTO #1  - "Say Cheese Or Whatever Is The Muskrat Equivalent"

Muskrat (North American)Muskrat (North American)'SAY CHEESE OR WHATEVER IS THE MUSKRAT EQUIVALENT"

PHOTO #2 - "Woof!"

Muskrat (North American)Muskrat (North American)"WOOF"

PHOTO #3 - "Oh No, Where Did I Put It?"

Muskrat (North American)Muskrat (North American)"OH NO - WHERE DID I PUT IT??"

PHOTO #4 - "Chubby Cheeks & Hands"

Muskrat (North American)Muskrat (North American)"CHUBBY CHEEKS & HANDS"

PHOTO #5 - "On The Beach, The Ice Beach That Is!"

Muskrat (North American)Muskrat (North American)"ON THE BEACH, THE ICE BEACH THAT IS"

PHOTO #6 - "Giving Thanks To Nature"

Muskrat (North American)Muskrat (North American)"OH SO GOOD!"

PHOTO #7 - "The Itsy Bitsy Muskrat Climbed Up The Wooden Stick"

Muskrat (North American)Muskrat (North American)"THE ITSY BITSY MUSKRAT CLIMBED UP THE WOODEN STICK"

PHOTO #8 - "Who Is That Cool Dude Down There?"

Muskrat (North American)Muskrat (North American)"WHO IS THAT COOL LOOKING DUDE DOWN THERE?"

PHOTO #9 - "TGIF or Toes Go In First!"

Muskrat (North American)Muskrat (North American)"TGIF OR TOES GO IN FIRST"

PHOTO #10 - "Even A Muskrat Has A Serious Side"

Muskrat (North American)Muskrat (North American)"EVEN A MUSKRAT HAS ITS SERIOUS SIDE"

PHOTO #11 - "Can A Muskrat Enjoy Music?"

Muskrat (North American)Muskrat (North American)"CAN MUSKRATS ENJOY MUSIC?"



John Harper(non-registered)
Terrific images. Great captions! Well done!!
I love them more than beavers, because they are pocket size and don't hurt the trees.
How much did you pay him/her to model so patiently for you? :)
All photos are fantastic, with beautiful colours and details!
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