"FEATHERED ROYALTY" - American Bald Eagle

February 18, 2022  •  2 Comments


American Bald Eagle - 11 Photos


This will be the first of three blogs, featuring this particular pair of American Bald Eagles. This blog includes photos of the male of the pair. The second blog will have photos of the female and the third & final blog will be of this magnificent pair together, side by side. 


The pair have a nest close by but in an extremely safe & protected location. I believe they have nested in that same tree for several years now probably due to its seclusion from prying eyes & its proximity to a constant food source. They can be observed from a distance flying back & forth to the nest area, hopefully preparing it for laying this Spring.


This particular tree branch is a favourite of the eagles. It overlooks the river and surrounding forested area. 


There is one sure thing about eagles, particularly in relatively open spaces, they see you. They know you are there, particularly if you are sitting on a log close by and waiting for that all important departure, hopefully not in the opposite direction.


Am not certain what this eagle was looking at. Yes, looking down towards the river made sense and perhaps hoping to spot a careless duck or a fish but I could not determine what it was spying on the ground below. Hopefully, it wasn't some very unlucky weasel hunting rodents. It would be a very difficult decision for me as to which animal to cheer for, Team Eagle or Team Weasel! :)


Maybe he was just striking poses for the camera, giving me that thoughtful look, or that tough eagle look or even that sly glance. Anyways, I was so involved in keeping a close eye on departure times, that when the eagle did take off and I turned the camera towards the direction of the river, I had not noticed that a blue sky had been creeping up on me from behind, replacing the hazy blue sky with a bright blue one. Just love it when a plan comes together even when there is no plan.















Yes, impressive bird and his photos. Great quality shots of bird in flight!
I look forward to the next sets...
John Harper(non-registered)
Wow! Super birds-in-flight shots! Adult Bald Eagles are spectacular and you captured it well.
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