"THE FISHING DERBY" - Mink (North American)

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Mink (North American) - 7 Photos


The day prior I had managed to capture the entire mink family on perhaps one of their first full excursions out. 


I went back the next day, hoping for at least a glimpse of one of them again. One or two sometimes return to the same area.


Well firstly Mum appeared (LG). She quickly went into the overhang of the bank, where the creek narrows into the bull rushes. And out she comes with what I believe is a "Prussian Carp". That's the open mouth you can see. (Photo #1)


Very shortly thereafter, upstream, comes what I believe is the oldest/largest of the three youngsters, with a very big fish, another "Prussian Carp". And jumping and scampering along the rocks, he/she came. And if you can read mink faces, extremely proud of itself. Looks like he/she was heading back home to show off to Mum what a clever & talented mink it was!


Well this little one is definitely a chip off the old block! Its mother is an excellent fisherman & so was its grandmother. And in this area, they are certainly hard at it,  catching the invasive "Prussian Carp" before the fish have an opportunity to make it to the Bow River. We now have three generations of Nature's own eco-warriors!


The two smallest minks kept trying their paws at fishing in the small pools but with no success and they eventually scampered off.  Hopefully to share in the catches back at the den.



Mink (North American) - Adult FemaleMink (North American) - Adult Female"MOMMA MINK - HOW IT'S DONE!"


Mink (North American) - JuvenileMink (North American) - Juvenile"READY"


Mink (North American) - JuvenileMink (North American) - Juvenile"GO!"


Mink (North American) - JuvenileMink (North American) - Juvenile"STEADY"


Mink (North American) - JuvenileMink (North American) - Juvenile"JUMP"


Mink (North American) - JuvenileMink (North American) - Juvenile"FLY"


Mink (North American) - JuvenileMink (North American) - Juvenile"LAND"






Wow, I love these stories-in-photos too!
Amazing series with the photo of mink leaping with fish in his/her mouth just outstanding. Superb quality, and wonderful colours!
John Harper(non-registered)
Your story line is more involved with each series. These photos are a remarkable. I can see the youngster scampering home with his catch. I like these mink chronicles.
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