"EVEN HUMMERS CAN BE GREEN" - Hummingbird (Calliope) - Juvenile

July 28, 2021  •  2 Comments


Calliope Hummingbird (Juvenile) - 6 Photos


So there I was sitting by the creek, hoping for a mink sighting (sigh) and watching two American Goldfinches flying in and around.


Wouldn't it be a great shot, I thought, if one of the finches would land on the newly opened flowers of a thistle, about five feet off to my right. What a great photo opportunity of the bright yellow bird against the pink.


Then something caught my eye. At first I thought it was a dragonfly flitting about the thistle flower, then my brain went to "hawk moth" and then it suddenly dawned on me, it was a hummingbird! And as soon as I thought "hummingbird",  a little songbird flew by and scared it off.  That was another "darn".


So I waited and maybe 10 minutes later, back came the little darling again. I guess the nectar in that thistle flower was just so tempting.


It hovered to the back of the flower and then finally flew clear so I could get some shots. After about 8 minutes, it flew away, leaving me in awe. And for this extremely tiny little bird, just one stop on its long migration south. How such a small creature can make such a journey of thousands of miles, is one of Nature's incredible stories.


I sent the photo off to Brian Keating, the Calgary naturalist who is a regular guest on Calgary's & Edmonton's CBC Radio. He kindly reached out to three brilliant colleagues of his, who all identified it as a juvenile Calliope Hummingbird. 


So even some Hummers can be green!


And please check out Brian's amazing sighting on a hiking trip to Sunshine Meadows in Banff, Alberta, CA. Link below:













Garnet Verhoog(non-registered)
Wow great beautiful pictures
Maybe it was tempted to travel North from the Excited States by your recent heatwave? We did see some hummingbirds a few years ago in the Okanagan one evening. The only ones I have ever seen in the wild.
What is the time frame for the photos, was it just a few seconds - camera on continuous shooting?
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