"THE EYES HAVE IT!" - Mink (North American) Plus 1

June 24, 2021  •  2 Comments


Mink (North American) Plus 1 - 3 Photos


Taken on two different days at different times.


The little mink had been fishing, taken her catch off to eat in her favourite dining spot. She then reappeared down the creek heading out (towards me) when she disappeared and then reappeared within "spitting distance" of me. Her look is almost questioning, "Is this close enough???". You really don't get any second chances with minks and if you lose eye contact, they are gone when you look up. 


So I shot at the maximum length of my lens (which is 600 mm) and yes, little mink it was close enough! (Photo #1) This is the first time ever I have taken a photo of a mink where you can actually see the pupil in each eye. That dispels the "cold eye" look of a mustelid. I have cropped the photo out (Photo #2) so that you can see her lovely brown eyes that much better.


And the day before, the little mink couldn't make it so she sent her cousin, the Long Tailed Weasel, with her apologies. Again, it was only seconds from the time the weasel came to a screeching halt having seen me across the creek until disappearing into the grass. However, it did stop long enough to allow me an opportunity to grab the shot of another extraordinary member of the Mustelid family.


I read up on some research to find out how well minks see. Apparently they have excellent eyesight and ultrasonic hearing in the range produced by their prey. So I do feel honoured that these little mammals take the time and are curious enough to allow me a few precious shots of their activities :)







john Harper(non-registered)
Great detail on the mink's face. I love the water drops on the whiskers, and brown eyes. It looks to me like the mink was in the milk before the photo. :)
Fantastic photos! I'm so glad both guys had that moment of hesitation, and you were able to snap a shot.
The little weasel looks great, and very healthy.
Best wishes!
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