HAP-P EARTH DAY! - Porcupine (North American)

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"HAP-P EARTH DAY! - April 22nd, 2021"


To celebrate Earth Day, I am posting a photo of a new porcupine arrival to the forest, who has been nicknamed "Hap - P", P as in porcupine but of course, if you put it together - well you know :)


This small porcupine turned up on a tree in extreme close proximity to a very large porcupine (who we named Chewy) last week. As porcupines are usually very solitary, except for those 12 hours when mating occurs (yes, 12 hours!), it is unusual to have two porcupines so close together.


Rumour has it, that two porcupines,  (Chewy) and a much smaller one were spotted together in her usual denning spot about over a month ago, at dusk.


We believe because of this sighting that this small porcupine is Chewy's offspring this year and this may have been one of its first excursions in daytime out in the big wide world!


As you can see from the photo, it has a small face, together with small feet and claws compared to Chewy (Photo #2), although there definitely is a family resemblance in its face, quill line, etc. The question on the local porcupines' lips must be, "Who's Dad??"


In an event, it appears to be a young porcupine and the latest addition to this area of the park. 


PHOTO #1 - "HAP-P"

Porcupine - North AmericanPorcupine - North American"BABY PHOTO OF MISS HAP"




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