"WE ARE ALL SENTIENT" - Porcupine (North American)

November 08, 2021  •  2 Comments


Porcupine (North American) - 5 Photos


The photos below are of five different porcupines of both sexes and various ages.


Perhaps, I have been spending too much time alone observing porcupines but their faces appear to be taking on more human attributes.


How can you look into the eyes and face of this creature and not recognize a sentient mammal. 


We should remember we and by "we", I mean "furries & feathereds" as well as humans, are all sentient. We all experience joy, sadness, pain, etc. 


And who could not resist that large furry rodent face :) !


PHOTO #1 - Porcupine #1

PHOTO #2 - Porcupine #2

PHOTO #3 - Porcupine #3

PHOTO #4 - Porcupine #4

PHOTO #5 - Porcupine #5



John Harper(non-registered)
This is a real who’s who of the porcupine world. Terrific work to get these great shots. #4 is my pick for best of show.
What a wonderful collection!
They are all magnificent. I do see a bit of a difference between the animals. I think the second photo is of the youngster, and the last one is of a very mature porcupine. The last one has luxurious quills, and reminds me of a porcupine I saw at the loop trail. I wonder if it is a male...
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