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Coyote - 7 Photos


Coyotes are so fleet of foot that because of their easy gaits & ability to cover distances with such ease, they can seemingly appear & disappear at will.


Having quickly recovered from the realization that the coyote was actually going to attempt to cross a narrow beaver dam bridging a small creek, I was somewhat amazed (and to some degree amused), at his/her caution in the approach.


Now the dam's make-up of branches, logs & mud covered in deep snow, situated above partially frozen water would definitely have been a "no go" for me, even without camera equipment. I'm not the nimblest and sure of foot navigator of deep snow and when proceeding into unbroken snow, I am very cautious in evaluating each foot fall, being wary of what may lie beneath, particularly in flat light conditions.


So it was with some amusement (and admiration) to see this coyote proceed in a somewhat similar manner, stretching out each leg and foot to test the terrain. The drop to the ice/water below was not much but with the potential of wet paws and legs that could freeze in the below zero temperatures, a slip in footing could have had somewhat serious consequences. And yes, with those cold temperatures there was a steady snowfall.


Although the entire crossing probably took no more than a minute, it did allow adequate time to grab some shots of the coyote's progress which ended in a successful result with the coyote back onto more solid ground (although deep snow covered) and resuming hunting pursuits.


Thanks, Coyote, for not making me feel completely inadequate when navigating snow & icy conditions. Even the most agile & sure footed, proceeds with caution when it comes to the unknown path.












Love coyote photos in the flat light too, they look like silvery ghosts.
Nicely done!
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