"WHERE IS MOXY?" - Coyote

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Coyote - 7 Photos


It was Jane Goodall, during her chimpanzee studies in the 1960's in Gombe, who gave actual names to the individual chimps in her research, much to the chagrin of academics. She was accused of anthropomorphism or giving human qualities to wildlife & setting them apart as individuals.


Hopefully, we have come a long way from denying individuality to Nature's creatures & have a better understanding of how each mammal, bird, etc. has traits & behaviours specific to its own individual make-up. As for giving human qualities to wildlife, who are we to attribute feelings of joy or grief or the need for play to only people when one only has to observe the natural world to see so many examples. 


Humans do not have the sole proprietorship to emotion.


I have had in the past few months, opportunities to observe three sibling coyotes, belonging to a family group of six. These three appear the most frequently together, with the two youngest generally paired. I began calling the second one of the two, Foxy, because of her coloring which resembles a fox. Her brother/sister, I named, Moxy & discovered how appropriate that name was when this young coyote took chase to a large Mule Deer doe and was subsequently chased back by the deer. Fortunately, it was a learning lesson & no harm done. Moxy definitely has "moxy" or courageous spirit & nerve. 


So if you have Moxy & Foxy, what are you going to call the oldest & most wary of the three - Roxy. :) Have only managed to photograph Roxy from afar, generally when he/she is napping with the other two siblings on a ridge.


This particular morning, Foxy had followed Moxy out of the woods, having unsuccessfully tried to stalk a deer. (See Blog of January 29, 2024 - "A Run Through the Woods") She appeared out of the shrubbery and then walked out and down the footpath, obviously hoping to meet up with Moxy. Foxy then turned, walked back and looked into the other wooded area where Moxy had disappeared & was obviously still there from her reaction (Photo #1 through Photo #3). And she waited & waited and eventually what do you do when your companion is late & you're tired of waiting, well you sit down or in this case, lie down & relax (Photo #4 through Photo #6).


Some minutes later, Moxy reappeared with a dash through the woods to the footpath & both took off at terrific speed to continue in their hunting pursuits.


Included as Photo #7, is a photo of Moxy, taken upon his/her return to the same general location. And its snap a shot while you can, because Moxy isn't one generally to linger. And yes, shortly thereafter appeared Foxy. (Other photos of Foxy appear in Blog of January 29, 2024 - "Somewhat Close Encounters of the Canid Kind"). 











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