"HERE'S GOOFY" - Great Blue Heron

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Great Blue Heron - 7 Photos


Am not certain if this is a somewhat young heron or a fully mature & breeding adult but because it has frequently ignored "human" presence and maintained its position, I am suspecting that is a younger heron. I have had encounters with another larger heron that has taken to flight immediately it has sensed an approach.


I named it "Goofy" partly because of its looks at times but mainly because of its activities.


I have caught it actually bathing in a large pond and by bathing I mean submerging its entire body into the water up to almost its back (another blog to come). In fact, at one point it actually was floating in the water like a duck. In my past experience, Great Blue Herons generally don't like to get their belly feathers wet & try to extract themselves from situations where this may occur.


At one point during the day, "Goofy" flew onto a pathway & proceeded to walk along the path, until it decided to take flight, only to return eventually to the same pond.


Afternoon became early evening and after some hours of successful fishing,  it took to the grassy verge along the wall, walked along and then took position on the wall to do some grooming.


And as the sun became lower in the sky, it provided some wonderful soft lighting, accenting "Goofy" and the magnificence of its feathers and colouring. My apologies, "Goofy", that nickname was given more out of affection & admiration than malice! :)











Marvellous photos!
I love how you capture the natural colours, and the beauty of the eyes. Your subjects are never over-saturated or over-sharpened.
The sweet Goofy posed for you very nicely too. I hope you've helped him/her in the modelling career :)
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