"NUM, NUM, NUM!" - White-Tailed Deer

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White-Tailed Deer - 7 Photos


This young deer was in relatively close proximity to its mother. From its size & appearance, I would say it was born Spring 2022 and as it does not appear to have any "buds" on its head, would assume it's a little girl.


It was a case of walking through some trees & shrubbery, watching for icy patches on the path, when we basically both looked up at the same time. She was some distance away, feasting on the small leaves & twigs in the grove. Once we had established a safe distance between us, she went back to happily munching & stripping the branches of their wares. 


It was an opportunity to take some close-ups of a deer eating from the tops of branches and being able to see the inside of her mouth, teeth & tongue. 


She eventually made her way around the grove, met up with her mother and the two wandered off into the woods.


As a final note, I would make this recommendation. Please do not feed the deer (or any wildlife for that matter) in these provincial parks. First, it is against Provincial Park regulations & second, believe it or not wildlife do well enough on their own. We are now having instances where individuals are actually hand feeding deer. This may seem adorable but hand fed deer can become aggressive deer. It is one thing to have a chickadee fly right to your hand or around your head looking for food, it's another thing for a deer to strike out looking for that hand-out which has not been offered.











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