"THE DEMONIC MINK" - Mink (North American)

April 21, 2022  •  1 Comment


Mink (North American) - 4 Photos


Now I am almost certain this "demonic" look in the eyes of the mink is due to eyeshine and the trick of shadows & light but it certainly gives this little mustelid a different perspective.


On the general side, this little mink was making use of the logs as scratching posts, particularly around his neck area (believe this is a male from its size and head shape). Like the porcupine who I have been watching who is frequently scratching, I believe this is due to both mammals trying to "brush" out winter coats. I have, in fact, seen tufts of old fur left on the porcupine's claws from scratching.


I did manage to catch this little mink scampering along a log but his fur behind his head is looking a little sad so I hope to be able to photograph him again once his sleek summer coat has come in and replaced that old fur.







No, no, not demonic look. A look of innocence... At least when you face the mink.
I find that the profile looks more predatory.
Great photos in the snow!
Shortly I'll post a video when the mink is scratching furiously
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