"THE WEASEL'S ALTER EGO" - Weasel (Long Tailed)

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Weasel (Long Tailed) - 3 Photos


If anyone has ever seen a weasel, be it in the wild, on television or in photos, I am certain that most would agree they are extremely cute, if not down right adorable.


But, of course, there is the other side of weasels. It is not an evil side. Their hunting skills are their way of surviving. Unlike humans, predatory wildlife do not have the luxury of heading out to the grocery store to obtain their next meal.


And they are an integral part of the balance of Nature. Without weasels, owls, coyotes, etc., we would be overrun with rodents, etc. which would destroy trees, shrubbery and greenery in the environment. It is a careful balance. Decimate a prey source such as prairie dogs or snowshoe hares and you eliminate mammals such as the Black Footed Ferret (in the case of prairie dogs) and the Canadian Lynx (in the case of snowshoe hares). As one source increases in numbers, so does the other. One decreases and the predator follows suit.


This may be the answer to a question humans often pose, "What could possibly go wrong?" Nature knows all too well.



Weasel - Long TailedWeasel - Long Tailed"UNDER THE ARCHES"


Weasel - Long TailedWeasel - Long Tailed"ON THE LOOK OUT"


Weasel - Long TailedWeasel - Long Tailed"THE LEANING WEASEL"



Lovely photos with different poses! Beautifully captured shining coat.
We were very lucky for about ten minutes :)
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