"NOTCHO, NOTCHO MINK" - Mink (North American)

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Mink (North American) - 4 Photos


One day last year I had sat down near what I thought would be a great bird/mammal fishing area and had a very short glimpse of a mink.

Being that the creek where I usually see the family of four mink this year was almost completely dry due to lack of rain, I thought I would give this site a try again to see if I could establish another viewing area.


I was there for awhile and then three people sat down a short distance away from me on some logs, behind the tree where I was sitting. They were there quietly chatting when I saw a small brown mammal move amongst the fallen logs across from where we were. It was hidden from their view.


About 10 minutes after, the others left. After about 15 minutes, out popped a head. Yep - one mink! It had waited for the "all clear" (Photo #1 & Photo #2).


From there it dashed into the river and popped up again in the channel (Photo #3).  It dived in again and re-emerged on some fallen debris (Photo #4). 


Mink are not very large mammals but from the size of this one (and I think it's big in mink sizing), I believe it to be a male. And if you check out its right ear, it has a notch, probably from a skirmish with prey, another male mink or perhaps a little too overzealous female during "courting"! Hence the name "Notcho"! Also, the left side of his face appears to have some significant scarring. More than a playful skirmish?


 I don't think I will have the frequency of sightings in this new spot due to the size of the fishing area but any sighting of a mink is a great sighting :) 



Mink (North American)Mink (North American)"HAVE THEY GONE?"


Mink (North American)Mink (North American)"THEY'VE GONE BUT I KNOW YOU'RE STILL HERE!"

PHOTO #3 - "BOO!"

Mink (North American)Mink (North American)"BOO!"

PHOTO #4 - "NOTCHO" (Check out the "v" shaped notch in his right ear)

Mink (North American)Mink (North American)"NOTCHO NOTCHO MINK!"



Ah, those innocent black button eyes :)
Great images of the little guy peeking from the hiding place.
Beautiful details and colours!
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