"NATURE'S LIFE LESSONS" - Common Merganser

September 15, 2021  •  1 Comment


Common Merganser (Female & Immatures)


In the natural world, wildlife's offspring learn by watching & doing to achieve those important life lessons which will enable them to survive and thrive.


The following photos depict to different families of Common Mergansers. The first series (Photos #1 - 5) are of a young family & their mother, who chose to take some time out to groom and rest up on the shoreline of a creek, having had a tiring trip upstream. The photos were taken at the very end of July when we were still experiencing some smoky air conditions.


The second series (Photos #6 - 9) are of a family I caught recently, fishing in a division of the Bow River. It was quite entertaining watching them scooting along the surface of the water, diving and chasing the fish along a shallow shoal. Am not certain who of the family of five made this awesome catch but from its excitement, it was very pleased to have caught such a dinner. And yes, it went down in one swallow and then onto the next one.


PHOTO #1 - Momma Merganser Grooming

PHOTO #2 - Getting All Those Feathers Oiled

PHOTO #3 - A Stunning Example of a Female Merganser

PHOTO #4 - Grooming Lesson

PHOTO #5 - A Very Tiring Morning

PHOTO #6 - Hit the Jackpot

PHOTO #7 - Landing It

PHOTO #8 - We Have It "In Bill"

PHOTO #9 - On the Way Down




Fantastic photos of this beautiful female!
She grooms like a heron and eats fish like a heron too. Thanks for sharing, I've never seen them eating fish before.
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