"NATURE PAINTS HER OWN CANVAS" - Birds (North American)

July 06, 2021  •  1 Comment


Birds (North American) - 4 Photos


Firstly, the four photos that follow have only had a border added & a title. Only basic editing has been used. NO photo layering or special effects have been utilized.


It often occurs to me when photographing wildlife that Nature does indeed paint her own canvas. She adds just the right light and colours and creates the most incredible artwork. Sometimes the subjects may be common sightings (the Black Capped Chickadee & the Yellow Warbler) or they may be somewhat uncommon for the area, in this case, Calgary, Alberta, CA (such as the Baltimore Oriole & the Western Tanager). 


But no matter what the subject, her talents, I believe, cannot be surpassed by any paintbrush. (And a little humour in the titles can't hurt!)



PHOTO #1 - Black Capped Chickadee

PHOTO #2 - Yellow Warbler

PHOTO #3 - Baltimore Oriole

PHOTO #4 - Western Tanager



John Harper(non-registered)
I very much like the presentation with the frames. The bird images are superb and great finds! Your unique perspective displays these birds in a fresh way, well done!
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