"MAMMA MIA - PORCUPINE VERSION" - Porcupine (North American)

April 29, 2021  •  2 Comments


Porcupine (North American) - 9 Photos


So we have yet another "newbie" in the woods. This very young porcupine appears to be even smaller than Hap P but adorable isn't defined by size. We've assigned him/her the nickname "Little Bo P".


2020 must have been a great year for porcupines getting together or we have gotten better at spotting them because I have never seen a young porcupine, let alone two. Both are in extreme close proximity to a large adult porcupine, which would be their mothers. (I have positively identified Hap P's mother as caught her with her tummy exposed and she definitely has the equipment for nursing. But that's a future blog.)


The first five photos are of "Little Bo P", gender unknown. The next set of four are of potential candidates for that inevitable question, "Who's the Dad??" The vote is out there. Who do you think is the father of such a loveable porcupine? 


(And yes, we have nicknamed all the porcupines that have been spotted.)



PHOTO #1 - Little Bo P: "I'm Too Cutesy for My Quills"

PHOTO #2 - Little Bo P: S-t-r-e-t-c-h. Check out that little tummy with new fur!

PHOTO #3 - Little Bo P: Against the Wind

PHOTO #4 - Little Bo P: How many people can say they have seen a porcupine's tongue? Yawn!

PHOTO #5 - Little Bo P: Check out that lying down position against Photo #6




PHOTO #6 - Is it Swamp P? Named because of his size. He is a monster (though loveable) and a very mature porcupine. Quite the statesman. Little Bo appears to adopt the same posture while sleeping.


PHOTO #7- Or is it Fred P? Hmm - the colouring appears to be similar.


PHOTO #8 - Or is it Sweet P? Gender unknown. Extremely cute and innocent but looks can be deceiving. And Little Bo P appears to have that similar adorable face.


PHOTO #9 - Or is it the Wild Card? An unknown porcupine that has yet to be spotted and named.




All that John said :)
Thank you for showing all different porcupines. Seeing photos together makes one notice their differences. I love the choice of names too.
Marvellous piece of work!!!
John Harper(non-registered)
Incredible series. You had me laughing at each frame. The cuteness factor went off scale on these wonderful images. All your trips through the woods have paid off with this excellent collection of suspects. Well done!
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