Mink (North American) - "GOING FISHING"

September 10, 2023  •  1 Comment


Mink (North American) - 8 Photos


Caught a brief glimpse of this mink as it walked along a log but then it disappeared into the woods. Not what I was expecting.


But I thought I would give it a go and followed it into the trees, waited 20 minutes and then spotted it again, this time heading towards the water.


So I walked around and there it was, making its way down this fallen log where it actually stayed for 10 minutes.


And it literally hung out on this log, keeping a close eye on the water looking for fish, I assume. I almost expected it to pull out a fishing rod & line and be there for the morning.


I keep referring to the mink as "it" as I'm not certain whether it is male or female. My initial thought was that it was female. Males generally have squarer heads, where this one has that narrow and finer look. And males are much larger, almost a third more than the females and this one did not look that large. 


Perhaps, it is a female whose cubs have now grown and are self-sufficient, so now she is only fishing for one. That would explain that "chilled" attitude. This had to be one of the most relaxed minks I have encountered (by mink standards that is). 


And then it slowly turned around, worked her way up and out of sight.














Wonderful photos!
It is nice to see a mink that is not frantic :) Beautiful poses too, presenting the predatory profile very well.
Best wishes!
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